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Dave King Gave His Thoughts After Saturdays Defeat

Dave King Gave His Thoughts After Saturdays Defeat

Wayne Gordon27 Nov 2023 - 16:55
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The Gaffer spoke following Saturdays 2-0 defeat at Dudley Sports.

“I thought the result was right. I think we didn’t turn up, we didn’t have the right attitude and we were poor. I think our lads just thought they could just come and just sort of play and everything would be alright and we’d get the right result. But as we all know football’s not like that, we were poor and Dudley Sports were good.

“They had a plan and implemented it well. They took the lead and held onto it so fair play to them, absolutely no complaints from me at all really. We were poor and the lads know that, they don’t need me to rant and rave. We weren’t at the office, disappointing result, it does happen in football but we’re all disappointed and it’s how we bounce back now, there’s still a long way to go but Dudley Sports got the result today and well done to them.

“I don’t think I’ve ever tried this hard in 33 years to bring players in, I’ve never tried so hard in my life and there’s reasons that people don’t want to come here and there’s reasons that people won’t come in. You think you’ve got somebody then something happens so we are really trying desperately to bolster the squad, probably working seven days a week on it.

“We think we’ve got two new faces coming in for next week and we do need them with suspensions and injuries, especially this time of year. We certainly do need them, the squad is thin but we can’t just blame that for the result today either. We sent a good 11 out there and they should’ve been good enough to get the result.

“They want the promotion and I’ve said to this to so many people so I’ll even say it here they’ve probably brought me here for that so I understand the rules and I’ve got no problem with that. I think the continuity of the league doesn’t help where we’re stop/start. We play three games in a week and then we don’t play for three weeks and it doesn’t help.

“So we’ve got to address that and when we have got a free Saturday we’ve got to go and get friendlies. I think that’s the definite after today because it just doesn’t help and I’ve never known a league like it where I think it’s Bustleholme given nine (consecutive) games away from home, how does that work?

“But we cannot take anything away from them today, we weren’t good enough, didn’t deserve it and fair play to Dudley Sports."

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